Wakhrey | Khalil Ur Rehman Latest Interview Part 1 | Amin Iqbal Official

Born in 1962 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Khalil always wanted to light the dark spaces in the society. He was an excellent writer since his childhood, he wrote his first rhy at an early age. One of the most famous dramas of Khalil Ur Rehman ‘’ Sadqay Tumharay’’ was a chunk of his own life story. Khalil Ur Rehman most ranked drama in 2019 was ‘’Meray Pas Tum Ho’’ which got famous internationally as well. His masterpieces of writing includes: Film ‘’ Ghar Kab Aogay’’ ’’Teray Piyar Mein’’ ‘’Mukhra Chan Varga’’ ‘’Mukhra Chan Varga’’ ‘’Nikki Jai Haan’’ but he got fame for his TV serial Boota From Toba Tek Singh (1999) due to originality of the script and giving introduction to ‘Gulabi Urdu’-Speaking in TV dramas. Late on he used the same style in his renown drama serial ‘’Landa Bazar (2002)’’ and ‘’Love,Life Aur Lahore’’. #aminiqbal #wakhrey

Credits Concept and Direction : Mehroz Amin

Creative Head- Usama Javed

Camera- 1 Afzal Khalid

Camera – 2 Yasir Ali

Background score – Raheel Feyyaz

Post House – Visionaries

Editor: Muhammad Bilal Siddique

2D Designs: Danish Qureshi


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